API tracking and auditory calls

As we have a big system to provide all the services for ticket distribution you might need, and for security and management reasons we have a single edge point which is a API Gateway, we also need to be able to identify each transaccion, track its path within our platform and link all the involved calls for a given booking.

We do diferenciation between Metrics and Auditory as the first one let as know and be aware of the systems and business health at first sight with a control dashboard and alerts. We are talking about numerical KPI such as response times, concurrency, errors.

On the other hand we have got the hability of catch any request/response call, link between them at any booking transaction and we also be able to search deep into this such a Big Data store. In order to do that, we are stamping each incoming request with a couple of identifiers: Auditory diagram

  • traceID: Unique global identifier to gather all the requests involved into a booking flow from shopping cart to order, payments and tickets operations.
  • spanID: Unique identifier for each single hop within our architecture, so that tipically one traceID has got several spans including communication with 3rd party suppliers.
All in all, the key point you must take into account as an on sale channel is that the traceID is always setted as a response header, so that don't forget you will always be able to grab it and request for more information on it to our API support department.