Certification Process

API integration certification process

Once an on sale channel has developed all the needed endpoint services in order to perform and integrate their booking flow with Onebox Distribution API, a specific process to validate everything works properly in test environment and it can will go live smoothly, is required.

Certification diagram

The processes is structured in 6 main points:

  • The process is a conference call itself, usually a Skype call where the channel will be able to share their screen.
  • The client must have to be ready to perform a complete booking flow at their end.
  • On the Onebox side, we will be able to monitorize all the API traffic from that specific channel on real time.
  • Onebox will command the rhythm of channel calls and will analize the results at the same time it is being taking a look into the shared channel dev screen.
  • Just in case everything goes right then Onebox will move forward with the creation of live credentials, and once done will communicate it to all the involved people from both sides.
  • Finally, a date and time will be agreed between both sides to go live, normally avoiding evenings, Fridays and weekends.